Special Programs and Activities

  • Students have many opportunities to participate in a wide variety of extra-curricular activities:Excursions are important learning experiences which take students beyond the school grounds.  They are a necessary part of the program as they extend horizons of students, add reality to lessons or units of work, implement the philosophy of an all-round education and give students constructive social experiences.  Details about location, transport and entry costs, and information about clothing or food requirements are provided to parents well before the outing.  Written permission is sought for excursions other than those which go to the immediate environs of the school playground.  
  • The Outdoor Education program is sequential from daytime, local excursions to overnight experiences.  It covers four areas of the child's development - social, personal, environmental awareness and general knowledge.  Children should leave Miles Franklin School having had a minimum of two different and significant experiences.  Educational visits are made to centres of interest related to studies within the curriculum.  
  • Gungahlin and ACT Representation in Athletics, Swimming, Cross Country and other team sports occurs annually.  
  • Performances are arranged to enrich the curriculum as appropriate.  Students also participate in presenting an assembly each term.  
  • 'Brilliant Writers' Competition is held to celebrate our student’s writing.  The competition generally concludes on Miles Franklin's birthday.  
  • Enrichment programs for gifted and talented children provide activities to supplement the extension activities that occur within the classroom.  
  • Year 5 and Year 6 students are provided with an opportunity to audition for the School Band.  If successful they are band members for Year 5 and Year 6.  
  • All students in Years 3 - 6 compete in the school based public speaking competition – Rostrum.  
  • State and National competitions (Maths, English, Science, and Computing) are made available to students from Years 3 to 6.  
  • In the Buddies program our senior students work with preschool and junior students on a regular basis to provide support for our youngest students and develop leadership skills in our older students.  
  • Cross Age Tutoring programs (including sport with Melba High students) are used to enrich learning activities.  
  • Year 6 students are trained to provide leadership and support in the physical education area through the Active Australia Leaders.  
  • Preschool and high school bridging programs facilitate our students as they move to different stages of schooling.  
  • School wide activity days are used to provide school spirit and a sense of community.  They include Market Day and Miles Franklin's birthday.  
  • Student Representative Council – two students from each class are selected each semester as student council representatives.  
  • School banking is held weekly and organised by parents.  Students are encouraged to use this facility.  
  • The Music Tutor Scheme is on a parent-pay basis and organised within school hours.  It operates to enrich the music program at Miles Franklin by providing tuition in piano, keyboard, guitar and recorder for Years 1-6 and choir for kindergarten to year 6.  All students enrolled at Miles Franklin may take advantage of this scheme. 

The Music Scheme Enrolment Form is available in the MFPS DropBox.

  • The annual Miles Franklin Music Festival attracts entries in many categories from all over Canberra and surrounding regions.  
  • Out of School Hours Care provides quality care for children aged five to twelve years.  It operates, on the school premises, Monday to Friday 7.30am to 9.00am and 3.00pm to 6.00pm.  
  • A School Holiday Program with interesting excursions and activities is available during school holidays.
hardwork outside class Kite flying Child showing vegetable man art. Kindergarten art display. 1-2 Students doing leap frog during PE. Student working at desk Student dressed up as book character Trumpet line Pillow fight contest at school fete Kindy Art 5-6 Camp Rock Climbing