P & C

The P&C has a social and educational role within the school. Socially it organises functions to bring parents together with the school as the focal point. In its educational role it organises speakers, discusses general matters affecting the school, comments on Departmental proposals and makes recommendations to the School Board.

The P&C also organises the school's fund raising program including an annual fete. The school canteen, Out of Hours Care program, music scheme and preschool are also sub committees of the P&C. At this point preschool age students only participate in activities organised by the preschool sub committee.

Meetings are usually held at 7pm on the Tuesday of Week 3 and Week 8 of each term, in the school meeting room. The Annual General Meeting is held in March when the new committee is elected. The school newsletter gives details of meetings and events.

Please contact MFPandC@outlook.com to make any enquiries about the P&C.