Principal's Message

It is an honour to be the Principal of Miles Franklin Primary School, assisting children to reach their academic, social and personal goals. I am privileged to work with skilled staff and highly dedicated and supportive parents and carers, partnering to cater for children's individual needs.

It has been a strange few years in education; whilst we would probably like to return to the days before Covid, we need to be prepared for some continuing disruptions. We are well-placed to manage these challenges. Since 2020 our children have shown their resilience, staff have shown the high levels of responsibility they feel towards the students in our care and our parents have shown their high levels of resolve by responding to this crisis as a community, supporting and caring for each other, and especially the vulnerable and disadvantaged.

We were granted IB World School status at the end of 2015 providing the Primary Years Programme. We offer education within a global community of schools and educators that has been assessed as meeting a world standard of high quality, challenging, international education. Our children’s ability to think globally and act locally, understand the conceptual, to reflect on their personal strengths and areas for further challenge, to inquire and become more independent in their learning will enhance their opportunities for the remainder of their lives. In 2019 we had our first evaluation report from the IB. This was overwhelmingly positive with commendations in all areas for the work we are doing and the outcomes we are achieving. For further information about the IB and its programmes, visit

The strength of our school lies in the close partnership between children, staff, parents and the wider community. Highlights of this close partnership are the annual Miles Franklin Music Festival (34 years in 2019, Covid has meant we have not been able to continue in 2020 and 2021) the Spring Fete and the P&C running our canteen, uniform shop, music tutoring scheme and out of school hours care program. Children in our school are offered a balanced learning program that supports and nurtures the development of their academic, personal and social well-being. Our pastoral care promotes understanding of the need for individuals to care for, support and value each other within a safe environment. This partnership is vital for the school.

Our Focus areas for 2022 include:

  1. Continuing to embed and strengthen the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme in our school with a focus on integrating Maths inquiry more fully into our units if inquiry.
  2. Balancing the social and emotional wellbeing of our children with rigorous academic growth
  3. Building staff capacity in cultural integrity
  4. Continuing to engage parents in their children's learning. Parental support is vital, whether it be in the classroom or at home, especially since 2020 where it has been difficult to have parents fully on site.

Miles Franklin offers a number of programs that enhance the day to day teaching programs of the school. These include private music tuition; a before and after school care program, and a school holiday program. Miles Franklin is a leader in providing cloud-based learning for our children in Years Three to Six. Children have the chance to be a part of our School Brass Band (Years Five and Six) or join our choir or ukulele groups (Kindergarten to Year Six). Children who need support with reading across the school are offered flexible group sessions where they receive specialist tuition in a small-group setting with one of our two specialist reading teachers. We also have a dedicated teacher for children who have English as an additional language or dialect, two specialist teachers who work with children with additional and diverse needs (along with a team of Learning Support Assistants) a specialist PE teacher, French teacher and an arts teacher.

I look forward to meeting you.

Chris Jones

M.A. (London); M.Ed. (Deakin)