Miles Franklin Music Scheme

Please contact to make any enquiries about Music lessons.

Please contact to make any enquiries about the Music festival.

The Music Scheme Enrolment Form is available in term 3 for the following year enrolment through the MFPS DropBox / P&C / Music Scheme.

Music at Miles Franklin Primary School

Miles Franklin Primary School has a musical tradition going back to the early 1980s, when the Music Scheme commenced, enabling private music teachers to come into the school to give lessons for a fee to school children. This scheme continues to operate. The Music Scheme is run as part of the school P&C by volunteers, P&C employees and support from the Miles Franklin Primary staff.

The Music Scheme consists of 2 arms:

  1. Music Lessons
  2. The Miles Franklin Primary Music Festival

If you are a parent with an interest in being part of the Music Scheme as a volunteer or as the Music Festival approaches help with the organizing, please make contact with us - Parental involvement is strongly encouraged, and the harmonious relationships arising in the committee from working to improve the school culture is valued by everyone.

Music Lessons

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Private music tuition is available at Miles Franklin Primary School, conducted during School hours. Children come out of classes individually for half-hour lessons, with the time of day varying each week to minimize disruption to normal classes. Private music teachers come to the school to deliver these lessons.

Instruments taught include:

  1. Piano
  2. Keyboard
  3. Guitar
  4. Recorder
  5. Flute
  6. Drums (tutoring is in the afternoons after school)

If you are a Music Tutor interested in teaching in our program, please contact

Parents pay for one term's lessons in advance directly to the tutors at a rate set by the committee of the Music Scheme. There is a yearly administration fee on enrolment payable to the Music Scheme to cover administrative costs with running the Scheme. How to make payment is listed on the enrolment form.

Children of the Music Scheme are encourage by their Music Tutors to enter in the Music Festival in August, providing your child/ren the opportunity to perform in public (this is not a requirement of the lessons, just an opportunity).

At the end of each year, the Scheme runs a concert, where the children learning music or singing in the Choir have a chance to perform for everyone.

Any profits from the Music Scheme's activities are used to make donations to the School to benefit students learning and where appropriate are musically related. Examples of past purchases are musical instruments, musical performances.  All children benefit both from the cultural experience of learning music, as well as by the facilities that can be provided from the donations.

Music Festival

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Each year, the Music Scheme runs a Music Festival in August, providing an opportunity for children learning music at school, and children from outside the school, to perform in public. As well as giving a focus for the music tuition, it also builds the confidence of children, giving a public demonstration of success in what they have done. Although prizes are awarded in the form of ribbons, the achievement of each child is recognized through receiving participation certificates.  We encourage parents of the school and the Music Scheme to volunteer at this event as it provides a way to become involved in the music life of the community.

The Miles Franklin Music Festival has been running every year since 1986, and attracts more than 500 entries in the various sections.

There are separate sections for:

Solo performances, duets, trios and ensemble performances are in separate sections. The event schedule, lists the age groups of the separate sections and the entry fees.

The conditions of entry should be read carefully to avoid disappointment. There are time limits for performances that depend on age, and rules on copyright which must be observed. A photocopy of the music is needed by the adjudicator which will be destroyed after the festival.

The emphasis in the Festival is to encourage participation by children, rather than emphasizing competitiveness. It gives children an opportunity to practise and work towards a public performance. All students receive a participation certificate in recognition that it is the performance that is most important.

All sections are adjudicated except for the guitar and guitar-with-voice sections, and prizes in the form of ribbons are awarded. Adjudicators provide a written report, pointing out the strengths of the performance, and encouraging further improvement.

A small cafe is open during the Festival for tea and coffee, cakes or for a meal.

The Festival is run by volunteers and friends from the School community.

After reading the conditions of entry, you can enter children in the next Festival. After entries have been finalized, copies of the program will be emailed to people who have entered through the website. Printed copies of the program will be available from the School and during the Festival.